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The Hilarion House

In 2019, we acquired the large house at 14, Grand-rue in Correns, the first organic village in France located in Provence Verdon. This house is the result of families, friends, meetings and great stories. It is located on the belt of the old village, bordered by the Argens river because it is indeed a river that joins the Mediterranean at Fréjus.


At the end of the 19th century, Louis Henri FOUBERT brought together 4 houses to make one and the same house of family or perhaps friends, which is what we like to believe.


We were seduced by its old-fashioned charm reminiscent of childhood vacations with grandparents, reunions with friends in summer ... The ideal house to host our welcome and sharing project.

Historian and Historian of art, the spaces offered by the house, have left us all the leisure to create a unique universe mixing the past and the present so that you can feel good, stay happy, discover and dream. 


We offer 4 rooms that invite you to let yourself be told stories ... It is therefore nearly 250 m2 available to you, complemented by the terrace and the garden on the Argens where you will have plenty of time to indulge yourself in napping, reading, watching ducks, trout and seeing canoes go by!


Correns is a green country, a water country, a land of plenty ideally located for visiting the natural and cultural riches of the Var, between the sea and Verdon.

Laurence and Laurent

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